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Study and characterisation of an electrolyzer to produce Sodium ipoclorite to be used is poor countries


Reference persons SILVIA BODOARDO

External reference persons SERMIG, Arsenale della Pace Torino

Research Groups Electrochemistry Group @polito


Description Study and characterization of an electrolytic generator of a sodium hypochlorite generator for poor contexts.
In a nutshell it is an electrolytic cell consisting of two titanium electrodes covered with Ruthenium / Iridium oxide.
The cell is powered by a specific electronic circuit that guarantees voltage and current control.
The last two quantities are both in a range of absolute harmlessness (5V, 1-5A).

Stages to be developed
- Characterization of the functioning of the prototypes available. It is necessary to measure quantities, temperatures and times of the
reaction by filling in tables that allow to optimize times, quantities and conditions.
- Titration of the final product by digital colorimeter.
- Characterization of the decay rate, over time, of the concentration of active chlorine considering
the preservation of the product in various types of containers, exposure to light and room temperature.
A small thermostated cell is available to assist in the above measurements.

Possible future developments
- Study of the possible variations to the production conditions and to the process.
- Study of the influences of the interruption of the generation process due to photovoltaic power supply (not constant).
- Study of the use of graphite electrodes coated with materials suitable to contain the detachment of particulate matter.
- Study and design of different versions of the device (high power for hospitals or very low power for family use).

Required skills Chemistry and electrochemistry basis

Notes The activity is carried out in collaboration with the SERMIG of Turin and has developments in the field of volunteering with applications to poor countries

Deadline 13/06/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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