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Internet of things (IoT) and blockchain-based lightweight AI solutions for monitoring smart and resilient infrastructures

estero Thesis abroad

Reference persons GIAN PAOLO CIMELLARO

Description The future smart cities around the world will see the deployment of a broad range of IoT sensors for intelligent monitoring of civil infrastructure. Existing IoT-based infrastructure sensing tools are largely deficient in onboard computing capability. In addition, existing AI-based infrastructure monitoring techniques are primarily based on complex algorithms involving expensive computation, which the traditional low-cost edge devices cannot support.
This research addresses this gap by developing lightweight AI solutions suitable for resource constrained edge environments to achieve a reliable real-time response using the latest blockchain technologies. Blockchain technology affords efficiency, scalability, data security, information transparency, and independent decision-making, which can play a pivotal role in overcoming some of the pressing limitations of future IoT platforms.

Deadline 17/11/2023      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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