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Analysis of correlation between thoracic impedance and spirometry


Reference persons DANILO DEMARCHI

External reference persons Irene Buraioli (irene.buraioli@polito.it)

Research Groups MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)


Description Transthoracic impedance electropneumography is a functional lung exploration technique that measures the electrical impedance of the lungs and records the changes accompanying respiratory mechanics. The electrical impedance of the human body represents the obstacle it offers to the passage of an alternating current. This is directly proportional to the amount of lung air volumes and inversely related to the concentration of conducting ions, present in the intracellular and extracellular fluids of the lungs.
The proposed thesis aims to compare changes in thoracic impedance with changes in lung volume, as measured by spirometry (hospital practice). The ultimate goal is to make a wearable and practical device that enables quick screening by clinicians.
In the first part, a study of these technologies' state of the art will be done. Secondly, acquisitions and then processing the acquired signals to generate a comparison model between the two quantities will be carried on.
The proposed thesis is in collaboration with the pulmonology department of Saluzzo Civil Hospital.

Required skills Signal processing

Deadline 21/11/2023      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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