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Implementing secured messages for V2X communication



Description Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) wireless communication technologies are seen as the future of the automotive sector. Upcoming car models are expected to include On-Board Units (OBUs) for exchanging data between the vehicle and other vehicles, or between the vehicle and the road/network infrastructure.
Vehicular connectivity can enable advanced automated driving use cases, such as platooning and see-through, that are not possible when relying solely on Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS).
The way in which vehicles communicate is defined by standards, and, in Europe, ETSI has defined a network architecture with several message types, such as the so-called periodic CAM and event-based DENM messages.
These messages can be transmitted over a wireless channel, either unsecured or secured, and both vehicles and Road Side Units (RSUs) can be configured to accept all kinds of messages, or, as in most real-world deployments, only secured messages with valid certificates.
Secured messages include a special "GeoNetworking header" with certificates that guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the data, which should be managed both during the transmission and reception phases.
This thesis explores the security in V2X networks, with the goal of:
- Analyzing the security solutions proposed by ETSI.
- Identifying additional issues and threats in current V2X networks, and proposing possible solutions.
- Implementing secured messages in a comprehensive V2X simulation framework, which currently lacks cybersecurity features, by simulating some relevant scenarios.
- Transferring the implementation from the simulated environment to actual vehicles equipped with On-Board Units, to test in the field a set of scenarios that require the exchange of secured messages, and to test the reception of secured messages from real connected vehicles and RSUs.

Required skills - Linux and good knowledge of C/C++ programming
- Passionate for innovation
- Knowledge on cybersecurity and certificate management
- Knowledge about network simulators and V2X networks (as standardized by ETSI) is a plus
- Willingness to experiment and research different solutions, both in simulation and with a real hardware

Deadline 06/02/2025      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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