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Improving the experience of visiting alpine parks

azienda Thesis in external company    


Reference persons LUIGI DE RUSSIS

External reference persons Industry Advisor from Pro-Logic Informatica

Research Groups DAUIN - GR-10 - Intelligent and Interactive Systems - e-LITE


Description Mountain parks play an essential role in guaranteeing, on the one hand, the protection of the landscape and biodiversity and, on the other, representing a source of tourism and education, also through the promotion of sustainability.
The company is involved in a project where they want to apply an innovative approach based on physical, digital and participatory methods in two use-cases at the Gran Paradiso National Park and the Protected Areas Management Body of the Cottian Alps. The project aims to develop a digital ecosystem at the service of outdoor tourism based on low-cost transit counters of touristic flows useful to the park authority and at the same time communicating with the tourists passing by with a app/webapp providing educational
digital contents.

To reach this goal, the entity managing the park needs to have a suitable (web) back-office application to monitor what is going on in the park and oversee/analyze the collected data. Features this application should contain are, for instance, the possibility to register/authorize new users, seeing the information sent by tourists (e.g., reports on something happening in the park), and the creation of suitable maps and paths for being delivered to the tourist's app. The application will also need to exchange data to the tourist's app, e.g., via REST APIs.

The thesis work will consist of the design, implementation, and testing of this back-office application, as well as its data exchange capabilities with the tourist's app (which is not part of this thesis). The user interface should be modern and respect the principle of UI/UX design. The solution will need to be tested with load stress tests to highlight the best choices in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Required skills Web programming skills (back-end and front-end) are required. The front-end of the application will likely be done in React.

Deadline 11/03/2025      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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