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Modelling and Design of Robots for Sport Applications


Descrizione This research topic aims at modelling, designing, and developing novel breakthrough robotics, mechatronics systems and devices for sport practice. The goals of the research topic are fourfold:
1) conceiving and developing novel robotic and mechatronic systems for personal sport practice. The expected impact of this point is to obtain robots that interact with humans in sport competitions (e.g. playing with him/her as partner in a match or like competitor) or for helping him/her to practice sport (e.g. increasing performances during personal sport training).
2) helping human in classical sport competition to prevent injuries, measure the performances and reduce human uncertainness during score evaluations. The expected impact is to have a more efficient system able to control and assist athletes, team sport members, coaches, sport societies, and sport federations.
3) helping people with reduced mobility (i.e. aged, disable, injured athletes) to approach and practise sports and/or to increase skilfulness during fitness practice. This goal is aimed at conceiving and optimizing technologies for all-inclusive sport activities.
4) open-up a novel breakthrough challenge to include robots in novel sport concepts. This goal proposes novel sports or novel sport concepts using robots or human-robot athletes. Super-humans are here conceived as a symbiotic human-machine interaction to overcome human limits in sport.

Targeted applications range from all type of robots conceived for sport applications (soft robots, rigid robots, humanoids, legged robots, exoskeletons, wearable robots, rehabilitation robots and other robot devices).

Scadenza validita proposta 06/11/2019      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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