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Innovative interfaces for 3D modeling and animation


Gruppi di ricerca GR-09 - GRAphics and INtelligent Systems - GRAINS

Descrizione Modeling and animation are computer graphics tasks that are extremely resource-consuming, mainly due to the significant skills required. Such a high level of expertise is also related to the complexity of interfaces used to operate existing graphics suites.

In the last years, interfaces supporting 3D input and output couple with natural interaction possibilities started to be experimented.

For instance, tangible, reconfigurable props have been used to articulate virtual characters; hand controllers bundled in home Virtual Reality kits have been used to support in-the-air sketching; ad hoc devices, like the VR Ink by Logitech have made their appearance on the market to ease the job of CAD designers; mobile devices have been used to carry out drawing tasks using Augmented Reality. These are just examples of how research is advancing in this field.

In this context, several thesis proposal are available whose aim is to move forward in the above directions, by extending some of the interfaces that have been created by the GRAINS group and proposing new ones, by possibly building on novel technologies developed by the industry.

Vedi anche  http://grains.polito.it/work.php

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