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An authoring tool for Virtual Reality applications supporting multiple usage configurations

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Gruppi di ricerca GR-09 - GRAphics and INtelligent Systems - GRAINS

Descrizione Often, approaches or tools are used in the development of interactive graphics applications that let them be deployed on multiple platforms (desktop, browser, mobile, etc.). This is true also for Virtual Reality (VR) applications, that can (almost) seamlessly be used with different VR suites (HTC Vive, Oculus, etc.).

However, VR hardware can offer very different functionalities to users, especially in terms of interaction capabilities: from controller-based hand interactions available in common home VR kits to gaze click in cardboard configurations. In some cases like, e.g., in educational-oriented VR applications, envisaged usage scenarios can be very heterogeneous too. Users may need to access VR content online or offline (for in-class or at-home study), alone or in groups, with or without a teacher. Moreover, they could be just spectators or play an active role in the activities. Unfortunately, supporting all the above configurations requires to develop as many variants of the application and to test all these variants in the above settings.

Based on this picture, the goal of this thesis is to work towards the development of a VR authoring tool capable to manage the above heterogeneity, letting developers create the main application logic by defining operations that are allowed in the most complex scenario, and let the tool create a software artifact that can adapt to the specific platform and scenario it will be used into.

Activities will be carried out in the frame of the VR@POLITO initiative (http://vr.polito.it).

Vedi anche  http://grains.polito.it/work.php

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