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Interoperability between BIM systems and finite element codes for structural analysis


Description BIM systems have spread more and more organically within the design activities, management and maintenance of structures and infrastructures. However, the connection and interoperability between BIM systems and the design of structures with finite element codes (FEM) computation is still under further investigation. The consolidation of this link, which basically reflects the transition between information related to the classical architectural design and typical aspects of structural design, is of strategic significance for practitioners. In fact, they increasingly operate within integrated design groups where there is a need to translate and rediscover the group design vision into integrated software tools.
This thesis proposal is focused on the study of the interoperability between BIM systems and FEM codes using, if necessary, visual programming. Initially, a bibliographic research will be conducted from the international scientific literature by the candidate on the state of the art of BIM-FEM interoperability. Subsequently, the most widespread BIM systems and finite element structural calculation codes will be selected.
The second part of the thesis will cover more operational aspects, in particular some replicable examples of BIM models of building structures and infrastructures will be prepared. These examples will be characterized by high simplicity and essentiality and will be studied with the aim of their subsequent translation into FEM codes to identify the essential information for structural computation, i.e. nodes, beam elements and two-dimensional elements (used for example for wall simulation), constraints and loads (concentrated and distributed).
The final result of the thesis will be a synthesis product, in the form of an operational guide or a short manual, that can guide the BIM programmer towards the definition of a structural or infrastructural models with the characteristics useful for its effective translation within a structural FEM code.

Required skills BIM, FEM

Deadline 24/06/2023      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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