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Analysis of magnetic losses in electrical steel sheets for high-efficiency energy conversion.


Reference persons CARLO STEFANO RAGUSA

External reference persons Dr. MASSIMO PASQUALE, Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (INRiM), Torino, Italy.


Description The research activity is associated to a new EU research contract coordinated by INRIM (IT) and in cooperation with POLITO (IT), PTB (GER), NPL (UK), CMI (CZ), CNRS (FR), IFW (GER), UNOTT (UK) starting in September 2020.

Magnetic steel sheets are the core of electric motors, generators, and transformers, which produce and convert virtually all the energy obtained from conventional and renewable sources. Steel producers strive to develop thinner and highly energy-efficient grain-oriented (GO) and non-oriented (NO) magnetic steels, with enhanced permeability, apt for kHz frequencies. Pressing needs for miniaturization of devices and high-speed rotating machines require in fact increasing working frequencies. Novel products based on electrical steel require magnetic loss measurements and modeling under somewhat extreme operating conditions, with high temperature, 2D excitation, distorted flux with high harmonic content, skin effects and dc currents. Still, only a few facilities are actually available to test and model materials under these complex conditions for a correct design and loss estimation of magnetic and power electronics devices.

- Instrument interfacing and programming for real-time feedback loop applications.
- Experimental data collection and analysis.
- Modeling of hysteresis and loss data.

Notes The activities will be mainly performed at INRIM, Materials science group, and at PolItecnico di Torino, Department of Energy.

Deadline 31/01/2023      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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