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Natural proxy techniques for manipulative micro-interactions in Virtual Environments



Gruppi di ricerca GR-09 - GRAphics and INtelligent Systems - GRAINS

Descrizione Interacting with objects is a fundamental task in immersive Virtual Reality (VR). For that reason, many paradigms and design guidelines for interactable objects are already used in VR applications to surmount the limitations of current VR technology (hand-tracking, wearable controllers, gaze) in terms of interaction capabilities. Nevertheless, there are applications where adapting the design of the virtual task to the technology is not recommendable. For instance, in a training application designed to prepare the user to perform a given task that is a high-fidelity digital replica of a real one, is not so rare that special equipment operations or manipulations of tools are to be considered as an essential part of the experience and subject to learning goals. To overcome this limitation are sometimes employed costly and/or not scalable solutions such as passive-haptics (tracked objects to simulate the handling and feel of the target real one) or stripped version of actual props that will be connected to the VR system (e.g. cockpit simulators). The thesis aims to design proxy techniques for hand interaction in immersive VR training scenarios, to mimic the respective real gestures for the most common tools and equipment (buttons, switches, leverages, screwdrivers, etc.). The evaluation will be carried in a sandbox scenario to test for interaction performance and fidelity of the transferred skills.

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