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Modelling, Control and Design of Animal-Robot Interaction


Descrizione Humans are very complex machines. Robotics is a relative new research field conceived to help humans in many applications. European work program Horizon 2020 underlines the importance of the human-machine interaction research field which allows the discovery of novel ways to design robots for humans.

Is animal-robot interaction a new way for understanding human-machine interaction problems? Can animal-robot interaction open new research methods in robotics and veterinary research?

Animal bio-inspiration in robotics is a research field which allows to design and develop extremely novel systems useful for robotics. For instance, the robotic fish studied and developed by Marchese et al. at MIT allows the study of fish motion, the behavior of its body interacting with the fluid environment, and the proposal of novel systems of fluid-structure interaction. What is the behavior of a fish if a soft (or rigid) exoskeleton (or part of this, e.g the prosthetis of a fin) will be part of the animal body?

This Research Topic on Animal-Robot Interaction would like to answer these questions and has the ambition to:
1) understand the human-robot interaction starting from another point of vie: the animal one;
2) study how animals behave towards robotic artifacts as wearable or independent systems;
3) design novel robots able to interact and exchange information with animals.

The research topic includes the following research points:
Animal Behaviour with robotics systems;
Robotics Prosthesis for animals;
Human-Robot Interaction;
Animal Robots (fish robots, dog robots, monkey robots, etc...);
Animal-Robot Interaction;
Robotics Mechanisms for Animals;
Bio-inspired Animal Robots and Systems;
Robotics Behavior Inspired by Animals;
Biomechanical Behavior of Animal (Climbing, Flying, Running, Walking, etc...);
Animal Behavior with Mechatronics.

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