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Variable Air-Spring Constraint Actuator: Physical Model, Design, Simulation and Experimentation


Descrizione This thesis deals with the problem of variable compliant constraints for actuators. The candidates will model, design, develop, and test a novel adjustable compliance constraint conceived to absorb loads from all actuated and not-actuated directions controlling the constraint compliance. The variable impedance (or stiffness) actuators are studied by many researchers with the final aims to adjust the interaction of the actuator with the environment controlling the same component of the actuation using a variable compliance. This thesis has the objective to control the compliance of all the actuated and not-actuated components of the load. We designed, developed and tested a novel variable compliance system which can be assembled to linear (but also rotative) actuators in order to modify the constraintís compliance varying the pressure inside the chamber delimited by double rolling elastic diaphragm seals. Tests performed with the first prototype confirm our hypothesis giving a transfer function between the pressure on the chamber and the motion of the constraint. The model proposed is also compared and validated by simulation and experimentation. The objective of the thesis is to continue this research.

Scadenza validita proposta 29/02/2020      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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