Bachelor in
Electronic Engineering
Online Teaching Guaranteed also for 2020/2021
Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, PoliTO’s reacted promptly to guarantee assistance to all of the students and international applicants. Online teaching was immediately made available to every student, and will be guaranteed also for the Academic Year 2020/21.
Here at the ETF faculty, we have always worked to guarantee students the access to all classes, both using live streaming and video on demand, even before the COVID-19 pandemic. We have done a lot of work to guarantee that every single student can remotely attend all the courses, labs, and exams. Specifically:
  • We reorganized laboratories so that students can work remotely. We started providing virtual infrastructure for the software-oriented labs, and offering demo sessions for the more hardware-oriented labs.
  • We invested a lot of time to make exams accessible remotely, preferring oral exams to cumbersome proctoring-assisted written exams.
  • We increased the opportunities to get support, both from lecturers and PhDstudents, by organizing virtual rooms where students can receive assistance and discuss their ideas for projects.
In the future, we will guarantee students access to remote learning also in the welcome chance the situation will allow us to get back to regular, in-person classes. This allows all students to be able to follow courses without the need to come to Torino.
The Bachelor in Electronic Engineering degree has also a great advantage: being a course with less than 100 students – and lab classes with typically less than 50 students – it is much simpler to follow classes and interact with the lecturers and teaching assistants. This allows us to organize hand-on labs, where students work in small groups and assistants can easily support them.
We all hope to see you in person soon – but we are happy to see you remotely!