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Digital Skills for Sustainable Societal Transitions (new from a.y. 21-22)

The Interuniversity Master of Science in Digital Skills for Sustainable Societal Transitions is going to be launched in the academic year 2021-2022. This webpage offers a first look at its contents and syllabus but stay tuned for more info and details, as well as a dedicate website, to be available for the orientation period and the Open Days, to be held in Spring 2021.

Why a focus on digital skills?

New technologies – and the new business models they create, building on the use of data – are progressively coming to maturity for at-scale deployment, and will increasingly impact economies and societies worldwide.

This Master of Science provides training for digital experts who are able to capitalize the digital transformation to foster inclusive and sustainable development, in particular in the context of “post-carbon city” transitions that respond to the multiple challenges of climate change.

Degree Programme
The programme offers a multidisciplinary combination of teaching units to provide knowledge and analytical capabilities across several domains, from engineering to social sciences through humanities, with a focus on the interplay between the spatial and technological dimensions of digital transformation.The programme also provides students with the key competencies needed to support digital transformation initiatives such as complex problem-solving, critical thinking, interpersonal and communication skills, in a highly practical learning environment. Through a combination of interactive lectures, practical seminars and internships, students learn about the processes linked to new technologies (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data & Analytics, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Digital Manufacturing, Social Media).

The future of the digital expert

The digital expert is a professional who works, in Italy or abroad, in public administrations, private companies and consulting firms, agencies and NGOs. The digital expert possesses the ability to engage in multi-stakeholder conversation typical of digital transformation projects, sifting through multiple perspectives to develop data-enabled services in fields like “Industry 4.0”, transport and mobility, public administration, construction and heritage.

Programme Syllabus

Info on enrolment and admission requirements

To know more about the enrolment process please refer to:

Further info on the admission for students with a non-Italian degree here:
In case you need to contact the Apply office there is a ticketing assistance service: