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The academic credit system

The CFU (Credito Formativo Universitario, or ECTS, European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) is a unit of measurement (1 CFU=25 hours) used to determinate the workload required from a student by a certain training activity. The workload required for each course within a degree programme is expressed in credits. For instance, a 6-credit course is equivalent to an average effort of 150 hours, out of which approximately 60 hours are dedicated to taught activities, while the remaining hours are for individual study. Other training activities that are not directly related to a course (for instance, the thesis, the final project, an internship…) are also  measured in credits.  When you sum your course credits and the credits awarded for other activities for a certain academic year, you obtain your Annual Personal Study Plan (carico didattico).

Credits are also used in order to determinate the overall Personal Study Plan that you must complete in order to attein the final degree, as indicated here below:

Bachelor’s degree programmes (1st level):
180 credits

The overall number of credits in your curriculum includes: the Final Project, the foreign language exam and the internship (when applicable). On the contrary, it does not include the credits corresponding to any courses that you have anticipated from your Master’s degree programme, nor the credits of the Italian language exam (for students with a foreign qualification who attend courses partially or entirely taught in English).

You can add extra credits (maximum 10 credits) in your PSP, thus exceeding the foreseen threshold of 180 credits required for graduation.

Additional credits count towards the calculation of your final average grade.

These rules do not apply to special courses and projects.