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Location: Torino - Class: COMPUTER SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (LM-32)
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Internal transfers - Master's degree programmes
Internal transfers - Master's degree programmes  

If you are enrolled in a Master’s degree programme at Politecnico di Torino and you intend to apply for a transfer to another Master’s degree programme offered by this university, you must submit your previous career for a review, through the “Apply” section, available on your personal page of the teaching portal.      
We remind you that you cannot apply for an internal transfer during your first year of enrolment; moreover, you cannot withdraw from studies and enrol again in a new  programme  during the same academic year.

The deadline for  internal transfer applications  is 29th September 2017

How to apply for an internal transfer

In order to submit your internal transfer application you must follow this procedure and stick to the deadlines illustrated in the academic calendar. 

if you are going to apply for an internal transfer you MUST NOT prepare your Personal Study Plan / Annual Personal Study Plan for the new academic year ·        
You can submit your internal transfer application DURING the SEPTEMBER EXAMINATION SESSION (and take exams at the same time), but the evaluation of previous academic records must not be accepted until all the exams have been registered – see point 6:    

  1. log into your personal page of the Teaching Portal;
  2. log into the Apply platform under the Segreteria online section ;
  3. select the desired degree programme using  the button “Scegli percorso/ select your programme”
  4. confirm your data and submit the internal transfer application;
  5. wait for the outcome of the evaluation  – you can check the result in the section “Valutazioni”/ “Evaluations” available on your “Apply” personal page;
  6. if the outcome is positive (Apply message: request accepted), you have to choose whether to accept or reject the internal transfer resolution. 
    Warning: if you are still waiting for some grades to be recorded (for exams taken in the September session), you must wait until all exam grades are recorded before you can confirm your internal transfer.
  7. within 10 days of the date of acceptance/refusal of the internal transfer resolution , you must prepare your Personal Study Plan/Annual Personal Study Plan for a.y. 2017/2018 . Log in to “Segreteria on line” and choose the service named "Compila il piano carriera- carico didattico"/ “Fill in your PSP/APSP”.
Please note that the cost of the internal transfer application (50 Euro) will be charged only if, after seeing the results of the evaluation of previous academic records, you decide not to confirm the internal transfer.        

Students with a foreign qualification
The Programme academic coordinator (referente cds) will evaluate your foreign qualification to verify its appropriateness.
Only in case of approval, the Programme academic coordinator will validate the credits previously accrued.
If you want to transfer to a Master’s degree programme taught in Italian, you must have the required Italian language certificate.