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Recognizing the English exam credits
If, upon enrolment, you had self-declared that you have the IELTS 5.0 certificate, or any other certification at an equivalent level, you must show the original certificate to the Office of Student Services on the day you receive your smart card and complete your enrolment procedure. The Office of Student Services will make a copy of your certificate, return the original back to you and register the English exam within the first examination session (January/February). You do not need to make any further request.

If you take the IELTS exam through Politecnico and you pass it, your result will automatically be recorded by our offices: you do not need  to make a request for it. 
If you are enrolled at Politecnico and obtain the IELTS 5. 0 certificate, or any other certification at an equivalent/higher level (“Recognized equivalences  with IELTS 5.0” and “Recognized equivalences  with IELTS 5.5”) outside Politecnico, you must turn in the original certificate to the Office of Student Services, which will immediately register your exam.  

If you already have a certificate not included in the list of equivalent certifications, you can go to the Office of Student Services that will ask the Language Centre to make an evaluation of your certificate.