(2018 - 2019)
Bachelor's degree programme in
Location: Torino
Single course enrolment
You can to enrol in single courses at Politecnico di Torino, without enrolling in an entire degree programme ending with an academic degree, provided that you meet the requirements prescribed by the law.  Single course enrolment is possible in the following cases:   
  • for an open competitive exam, for professional updating and requalification;
  • for students enrolled at a non-Italian university;
  • to make up for any unfulfilled academic requirements for admission to a Master’s degree programme;
  • if you do not meet the language requirements (IELTS certificate or other certificates accepted in substitution for IELTS) for admission to a Master’s degree programme.
Please note:
  • tuition fees for single course enrolment are composed of a fixed fee (350,11 €) plus 16 € for each credit that you want to purchase (payment terms and methods are illustrated in the Tuition Fee Guide - a. y. 2018/19);
  • you can sit the exam even before the course has been delivered. We suggest you read the course syllabus to learn about the course contents and exam format;
  • the Office of the University Registrar is in charge of issuing the certificates for this type of enrolment;
  • single course exams credits can be recognized if you decide to enrol in a degree programme at Politecnico di Torino.

We remind you that single course enrolment:
  • is incompatible with your enrolment at any other Italian university: you are not allowed to be enrolled in another degree programme at antoher Italian university.
  • is valid for one academic year only: this means that if you have purchased a course for a certain academic year, but you do not pass the exam within the last examination session of that academic year (September), you will have to enrol in that course and buy its credits again in order to be able to sit the exam and earn the corresponding credits.
We cannot accept enrolment applications for: 
  • First-year courses belonging to any Bachelor’s degree programme;
  • Laboratories, Studios, Workshops and Design Units of the Architecture area;
  • Courses belonging to Engineering degree programmes   (including courses offered in years after the first)  if such programmes  are capped to a limited number of students;
  • “Safety on construction site” and “Risk evaluation and management in the industry and construction sites” courses: in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 81/2008 the corresponding certificate can be awarded only to students who are regularly enrolled in this degree programme.
You are allowed to enrol in the above mentioned courses only if you  need to make up unfulfilled academic requirements in order to be admitted to a Master’s degree programme. When you add one of the above mentioned courses, the information will show on your Apply personal page.
Single course enrolment for open competitive exam, professional updating and requalification
Single course enrolment for
students enrolled at a non-Italian university
Single course enrolment for
unfunfilled language requirement
(for Master's admissions)
Single course enrolment for
unfulfilled academic requirements
(for Master’s admissions)