Package of Mobility and cultural initiatives - a.y. 2019/2020
Package of Mobility and cultural initiatives - a.y. 2018/2019

The Board of Directors of Politecnico di Torino decided to renew the Package of Mobility and Cultural Initiatives for the a.y. 2018/2019. Thanks to this package students enrolled full-time will benefit from discounted prices on their travel ticket and Museum pass.

For the a.y. 2018/2019 new rules have been introduced, regarding both the requirements needed to benefit from the package and the modalities they will be granted.

In order to receive the Package of Mobility and Cultural Initiatives students will have to send a formal request through the online procedure available on their personal page of the Teaching Portal before 28th December 2018.

From 3rd September 2018 the online procedure will allow ONLY THOSE STUDENTS WHO MEET THE REQUIREMENTS NEEDEED to apply for the benefits. The requirements needed are stated at the end of the present communication. Students will be able to apply for travel ticket refund only after being assigned their final contribution level.


Regarding the travel ticket, students must complete the refund request procedure. In the online procedure they will have to attach a scanned copy of the purchase receipt where the personal data of the students must be clearly stated. Politecnico will refund only travel tickets purchased between 1st July 2018 and 28th December 2018 with a duration between 10 and 12 months (weekly or monthly tickets will not be refunded). Students can purchase the ticket from any transport service that allow them to reach their Politecnico campus (GTT, Trenitalia, Arriva – Sadem…).

Unlike a.y. 2017/2018, also students with an economic income higher than 30.500€ will benefit from the refund, as long as they meet the requirements of the 2017 Budget Law and stated in the table below. For all students, the refund amount will depend on their final economic level, according to the table below. Therefore, students will have to complete the tuition fee reduction application before the deadline of 28th December 2018 (or confirm through the online procedure that they don’t want to apply for tuition fee reduction) in order to get their final contribution level for a.y. 2018/2019. The refund will be provided directly to the student (it will be no longer possible to decide whether to leave the credit on the personal page). Therefore, students will have to indicate in the section Tuition Fees and Payments (Tasse e Pagamenti) of the Segreteria Online how they want to receive the refund.

Politecnico ISEE value Politecnico economic level Maximum refund amount*
Up to 30.500€ 1 - 19 208€
from 30.501€ to 35.500€ 20 - 24 150€
from 35.501€ to 50.500€ 25 - 39 100€
More than 50.500 euro 40 - 75 50€

*if the cost of the ticket is lower than or equal to the maximum possible refund, the cost of the ticket will be fully reimbursed; if the cost of the ticket exceeds the maximum possible refund, only the maximum amount will be reimbursed.


After checking have been carried out, it resulted that during a.y. 2017/2018 the number of students who applied for the free Museum Pass was not proportionate to the fruition of the service. For this reason the Board of Directors has decided to renew the initiative for the a.y. 2018/2019 but students are requested to pay a minimum contribution of 8€, as a proof of real interest in the initiative.

This contribution will have to be paid during the online procedure according to the modalities indicated. It will not be possible to complete the request before paying the contribution.

The requirements needed to benefit from the activation of the Museum Pass are those stated in the 2017 Budget Law and reported in the table below.


  • Full-time enrolment in the a.y. 2018/2019

  • Enrolment within the standard graduation timeline plus one year (up to the 4th time for Bachelor’s students, up to the 3rd time for Master’s students)

  • Students enrolled for the first time in the a.y. 2018/2019: no requirement needed

  • Students enrolled for the 2nd time in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme: 10 CFUs earned between 10th august 2017 and 10th august 2018

  • Students enrolled for the 3rd and 4th time in a Bachelor’s degree programme / students enrolled for the 3rd time in a Master’s degree programme: 25 CFUs earned between 10th august 2017 and 10th august 2018

Further information about the Museum Pass are available at the following link: https://piemonte.abbonamentomusei.it/Abbonamento-Musei-e-Politecnico-di-Torino. Have a look to find the latest news about the Museum Pass and to enjoy its benefits!!!

In order to get the reimbursement of their travel ticket and museum pass, students of the Young Talent Project must meet the same requirements and follow the same request modalities planned for the Package of Mobility and Cultural Initiatives.

Regarding the ToBike membership, which is reserved exclusively to students of the Young Talent Project, the online request procedure will be active, around mid-October, after confirming the participation in the Project for those students who take part for the first time during a.y. 2018/2019; after earning the credits needed to remain in the Project for those students who were already part of the Project during a.y.2017/2018.