(students with a foreign qualification)
What are the documents I need to apply?
  • Passport *. Other I.D. are accepted only for EU students*
  • Residence permit* (only for Non EU citizens living in Italy)
  • Secondary school diploma and/or supplementary certificates mentioned below* 
  • SAT, GRE, GMAT certificate - ONLY for EU or EQUIVALENT STUDENTS: please verify minimum scores required and deadline for submission in the specific Call for admission to the Bachelor's degree programs (art.13)
  • English and/or Italian Language Certificate necessary for enrolment
  • Self-certificate of enrolment with exams passed in another Italian university (if applicable)

(*): Compulsory document 

Documents must be on letterhead stamped and signed by the issuing Institution. Electronic-signed documents may be accepted only in case they are verifiable online through QR code or verification link.
Documents issued in Italian, English, French, Spanish are accepted. In case your documents are in other languages, please merge together both the original version AND the official translation in Italian or English and attach the merged document.
  • Passport. Other I.D. are accepted only for EU studentsI.D. is acceptable only in Latin alphabet, if not please provide official Italian/English translation. 
  • Secondary school diploma: in case you still have to get your final diploma or supplementary certificates mentioned below, please attach an official provisional document: e.g. an updated version of your school record, a certificate of enrollment to APs/A levels, a document issued by your current school stating provisional date of graduation. These documents are necessary to verify if you meet admission requirements for enrollment.
Supplementary certificates for U.S., U.K. and Scottish Diploma listed here and in the specific annex of Call for admission to the Bachelor's degree programs soon available:
    • US High School Diploma (HSD): certificate stating that the applicant passed 3 Advanced Placement courses (APs)
    • General Certificate of Education (GCE) and International General Certificate of Education (IGCE): certificate stating that the applicant passed 3 A-levels
    • Scottish qualifications: certificate stating that the applicant passed 3 Advanced Highers, or, alternatively, 2 Advanced Highers + at least 4 Highers
For applicants with Secondary school diploma awarded after a period of less than 12 years of school attendance
    • university transcript of records (with official translation into Italian) with the results of the exams passed in the first academic year or in the first 2 years;
    • post-secondary qualification (with official translation into Italian) awarded by a non-university institution in a field of study related to the Bachelor's degree program chosen by the applicant; or, successful completion of a Foundation Course in an Italian University.      
  • English and/or Italian Language Certificate or, in case of valid exemption, official statement issued by the school/university in which it is stated that the Medium of instruction is English.
NB: we don't require hard copies at this stage: you can directly upload the documents' files (pdf - recommended or jpeg, png) in your online application. You don't have to send any document by post.