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Adaptor and Catheter designs for delivery of a Nanoparticle Gel  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Analysis and design of novel acquisition methods for surface ElectroMyoGraphic (sEMG) signal  MOTTO ROS PAOLO  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems — https://mines.polito.it)
Analysis and validation of a bio-mimetic FES system for hand movements recovery  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Blood pressure: study of the correlation between changes in this clinical parameter with cardiovascular disease  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Changes in the Tendon after Injury with micro Computed Tomography and Histological Assessments  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Design of a Wireless Body Area Netork (WBAN) for motion analysis  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Development and validation of an Android application for storing and analysis of muscular information  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Development of a multi-force -sensor patch-based acquisition device for PWV measurement  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Development of an innovative ML algortim for PWV measurement on single signal sampling site  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Embedded Lossless and Near-Lossless Real-Time Compression of sEMG Signals  MOTTO ROS PAOLO  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
How stress and cognitive load affect our physiological signals: focus on PPG and respiration  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Identifying In Vivo Changes in the Tumor Microenvironment and Sensing with Metallic Nanoparticles  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Implementation of an on-chip machine learning algorithm for stress and cognitive load analysis: computation cost and execution time analysis
Invisible monitoring: implementation of an FMCW radar imaging algorithm for motion classification  MOTTO ROS PAOLO  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Medical device optimization for PWV estimation  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Stress and mental workload detection: development of a real-time application  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)
Use of electrodes for Pulse Wave Velocity estimation  MiNES (Micro&Nano Electronic Systems)

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