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Chemical engineering challenges in the batteries field  Electrochemistry Group @PoliTO
Experimental design/Machine learning methods in the energy field  PUGLIESE DIEGO  Electrochemistry Group @PoliTO
Hydrogel electrolytes for sustainable Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells  GATTI TERESA  AA - Elettrochemistry
Machine learning in the batteries field  Electrochemistry Group @PoliTO
Materials and processes for the production of ammonia with unconventional methods  GUZMAN MEDINA HILMAR DEL CARMEN  HERNANDEZ RIBULLEN SIMELYS PRIS  CREST, Dipartimento di Scienza Applicata e Tecnologia (DISAT), Politecnico di To  Electrochemistry Group @PoliTO
Materials engineering challenges in the batteries field  Electrochemistry Group @PoliTO
New generation batteries  Electrochemistry Group @PoliTO
Polymer electrolytes for aluminum-based batteries  Electrochemistry Group @PoliTO
Processes and materials for the conversion of polluted water into ammonia and fertilizers by using renewable energy  Electrochemistry Group @PoliTO
Recovery of waste products and their reuse in new generation batteries  ARMANDI MARCO  Electrochemistry Group @PoliTO
Self-healing materials in the field of batteries and photovoltaics  Electrochemistry Group @PoliTO
Social media management in the field of ecological transition  Electrochemistry Group @PoliTO
Sustainable gigafactory for the production of lithium batteries: development of materials and/or prototypes  VERSACI DANIELE  Electrochemistry Group @PoliTO

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