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14-Meccatronica e servosistemi

Interpolation-based strategies for the assisted computation of frequency-domain hydrodynamic coefficients in WEC systems

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Riferimenti esterni Edoardo Pasta - MOREnergy Lab, Politecnico di Torino
John V. Ringwood - Centre for Ocean Energy Research, Maynooth University, Dublin, Ireland

Gruppi di ricerca 14-Meccatronica e servosistemi

Descrizione The objective of this internship is to develop a software tool for parametric hydrodynamic
coefficients computation based on pre-saved structures. The user would select a geometry of certain
characteristics (shape, size, draft, etc...) and, based on the pre-saved models, the program would
give the user the hydrodynamic parameters of such geometry without needing to use a BEM
(Boundary Element Method) solver. Thus, a user could quickly get hydrodynamic coefficients for a
given structure with different characteristics, without having to know how to use BEM solvers and all
the other required programs (3D modelling platforms, etc.). The platform could have a graphic and
command line interfaces and, at the beginning, we could start with simple bodies, such as cylinders
and spheres, which are easy to parametrize given their radius and draft. After that, it would be
interesting to see if it's possible to parametrize geometrically more complex devices as combinations
of simpler structures (such as, for example, Corpower device which could be defined as a
combination of two cylinders and a truncated cone).
During a 4-months internship, the student would, first, develop different sets of hydrodynamic
models using WAMIT or NEMOH for several geometrically simple devices. Then, different
interpolation approaches to generate the final desired model, defined by the user of the software,
would be assessed. Finally, the student would develop a software where the user could select the
desired geometry and get the corresponding hydrodynamic coefficients. Finally, if more time is
available, or else for a future extension of the project, more (and more sophisticated) geometries
and interpolation methods would be added to the tool.

Vedi anche  more-coer-internship-2.pdf  http://www.morenergylab.polito.it/thesis/

Note The thesis includes a period abroad (at Maynooth University in Ireland), 3 to 8 months long (length to be defined together with the candidate).

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