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14-Meccatronica e servosistemi

Estimating the power production of multiple offshore turbines mounted on a single platform

Reference persons GIOVANNI BRACCO

Research Groups 14-Meccatronica e servosistemi

Thesis type NUMERICAL

Description A new and innovative approach for floating offshore wind energy involves coupling three turbines on a single platform. This concept aims to reduce platform costs and overall expenses associated with the project.
However, a significant challenge of this concept is accurately predicting the energy production losses caused by the close proximity of the turbines. The objective of this thesis is to estimate the wake losses and optimize the yaw steering, which involves adjusting the rotor's rotation around the vertical axis to minimize wake interactions. The goal is to enhance power production while considering different distances between the turbines.
For the analysis, the reference code used is fast.farm, a software developed by NREL. This code provides the necessary tools for the student to perform the required analysis and calculations.

Deadline 23/06/2025      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA