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AA - Materials and Processes for Micro and Nano Technologies

Carbon fillers in cement composites  GIORCELLI MAURO
Carbon fillers in polymer composites  GIORCELLI MAURO
Characterization of suspended micro and nanofluidic resonator for the detection and analysis of single nanoparticles  RICCIARDI CARLO  STASSI STEFANO
Cu-based catalysts for electrochemical CO2 conversion  CICERO GIANCARLO
azienda TESI AZIENDA DEvelopmetn of an optoelectronic gas sensor in a company  CAUDA VALENTINA ALICE
Development of 3D printed Organ-on-Chip  FRASCELLA FRANCESCA  NAPIONE LUCIA
Development of 3D printed devices for cell cultures  FRASCELLA FRANCESCA  PIRRI CANDIDO
Development of a predictive algorithm for the patient's health wth a Acute Injury kidney under dialysis  CAUDA VALENTINA ALICE
Development of an integrated Covid-19 rapid diagnosis device  FRASCELLA FRANCESCA  NAPIONE LUCIA
Development of devices for the electrical sensing of tumor bio markers  FRASCELLA FRANCESCA
Development of microfluidic 3D printed devices for drug testing  FRASCELLA FRANCESCA  PIRRI CANDIDO
Electrical characterization and modelling of the conduction mechanism of 3D printed electrically conductive composite materials  FERRERO SERGIO  SCALTRITO LUCIANO
Evaluation of the feasibility and realization of electrically conductive polymeric composites realized through 3D additive manufacturing processes (3D stereolithography)  FERRERO SERGIO  SCALTRITO LUCIANO
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Fabrication and analysis of weakly coupled resonant MEMS and NEMS devices for the development of highly parallelized sensors  RICCIARDI CARLO  STASSI STEFANO
Fabrication and characterization of resonanting MEMS coupled to electronic memory devices (memristor)  RICCIARDI CARLO  STASSI STEFANO
Feasibility study and realisation of metal contacts to 3D printed electrically conductive composite materials  FERRERO SERGIO  SCALTRITO LUCIANO
Fighting cancer relapse with remote activation of smart and targeted nanoconstructs  CAUDA VALENTINA ALICE  TNHLAB (http://areeweb.polito.it/TNHlab/)
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Impact of Nanoparticles size on Performance of Electrochemical Sensors  TAGLIAFERRO ALBERTO  Carbon Group
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Inverse conception of metasurfaces supported by self learning algorithms  TAGLIAFERRO ALBERTO
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Metasurface Orbital Angular Momentum Holography  TAGLIAFERRO ALBERTO
Multifunctional Immunocompatible Nanotheranostics particles for pancreatic cancer  CAUDA VALENTINA ALICE
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Realization of high frequency LiDAR imaging system based on Optical Metasurfaces  TAGLIAFERRO ALBERTO
Realization of next-generation MEMS devices with 3D printing technique through the development of new functional materials  STASSI STEFANO
Sintesi e test di liquidi ionici biodegradabili come sistemi per la cattura di CO2  LAMBERTI ANDREA  PIRRI CANDIDO
Study on mass transport effects in the electroreduction of CO2  CICERO GIANCARLO
Theoretical and experimental investigation of innovative catalysts for CO2 reduction  CICERO GIANCARLO

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