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AA - Materials and Processes for Micro and Nano Technologies

AI Techniques for the Optimisation of Highly Integrated Power Modules  FERRERO SERGIO  SCALTRITO LUCIANO
Additive manufacturing of ceramic materials  BERTANA VALENTINA  SCALTRITO LUCIANO
Bio-thermodynamics a new link between entropy variation and thermal resonance in cancer to explore the biophysical and biochemical consequence of the interaction between cancer cells and external phys  CAUDA VALENTINA ALICE  LUCIA UMBERTO
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Biodegradable cancer immunotherapy nanobullet  CAUDA VALENTINA ALICE
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Design of an Electrical System for Hydrogel Degradation in Biomedical Applications  TAGLIAFERRO ALBERTO
azienda TESI AZIENDA esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Development and characterization of cellulose nanocrystal (CNC) based inks for packaging applications  CAUDA VALENTINA ALICE
Development of 3D printed Organ-on-Chip  FRASCELLA FRANCESCA  NAPIONE LUCIA
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Development of Humidity Sensors for Plant Monitoring: Investigating Materials for Improved Performance  TAGLIAFERRO ALBERTO
Development of an integrated Covid-19 rapid diagnosis device  FRASCELLA FRANCESCA  NAPIONE LUCIA
Development of biodegradable artificial lymph node for immune modulation (NanoLymph)  CAUDA VALENTINA ALICE
Development of microfluidic 3D printed devices for drug testing  FRASCELLA FRANCESCA  PIRRI CANDIDO
Die-to-die and die-to-wafer connection: Cu-Cu and Al-Al bonding  BERTANA VALENTINA  FERRERO SERGIO  SCALTRITO LUCIANO
Die-to-die and die-to-wafer connection: Cu-Cu and Al-Al bonding  BERTANA VALENTINA  FERRERO SERGIO  SCALTRITO LUCIANO
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Effect of Thermal Annealing on Electrochemical Performance of MoOx Electrodes: Enhancing Dissolved Oxygen Sensing  TAGLIAFERRO ALBERTO
Fabrication and testing of energy harvesting devices with 3D printing and classical techniques for biomedical and mechanical applications  CAUDA VALENTINA ALICE  STASSI STEFANO
Fabrication of highly flexible devices as tactile sensors and pressure sensors based on hydrogels from natural sources  CAUDA VALENTINA ALICE  STASSI STEFANO
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Handheld robotically assisted device for transcutanous drug refilling  CAUDA VALENTINA ALICE
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Implantable device with remotely controlled drug delivery for telemedicine  CAUDA VALENTINA ALICE
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Improving Enzyme-Based Glucose Sensors for Fermentation Monitoring: Comparing Encapsulation Strategies  TAGLIAFERRO ALBERTO
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Improving Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensors: Optimizing Au Surface Properties for Enhanced Glucose Oxidation  TAGLIAFERRO ALBERTO
Laser processes on packaging materials  BERTANA VALENTINA  SCALTRITO LUCIANO
Mimicking visual memory in stimuli-responsive material  AMATI NICOLA  FRASCELLA FRANCESCA
Monte Carlo simulation of accelerated electron trajectories in liquid for Liquid Phase Transmission Electron Microscopy (LP-TEM) applications  FONTANA MARCO  RE FIORENTIN MICHELE
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Optimization of Clean-Room Fabricated Au-Pt Nanoclusters for Electrochemical Glucose Sensing  TAGLIAFERRO ALBERTO
Optimization of advanced sample preparation techniques for Electrochemical Liquid Phase Transmission Electron Microscopy (EC-LPTEM) experiments  FONTANA MARCO
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Oxide based electrodes for the detection of paracetamol and glucose  TAGLIAFERRO ALBERTO
azienda TESI AZIENDA esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Patterning conductive tracks within hydrogel matrix for soft bioelectronics devices  CAUDA VALENTINA ALICE
Piezoelectric Sensor Integration beyond linearity  BERTANA VALENTINA  FERRERO SERGIO  SCALTRITO LUCIANO
Polygenic study and gentic intercations unravelled with AI for inherited diseases  CAUDA VALENTINA ALICE
Pore Structure Investigation in Die Attach and Solder joints  BERTANA VALENTINA  FERRERO SERGIO  SCALTRITO LUCIANO
azienda TESI AZIENDA Power devices passivation layers: materials and processes optimization  FERRERO SERGIO  SCALTRITO LUCIANO
Power semiconductor devices Contact resistance  FERRERO SERGIO  SCALTRITO LUCIANO
Scaling up of the production of supercapacitors through the pilot line  LAMBERTI ANDREA
Silicon Carbide Schottky Barrier height formation and measurements  FERRERO SERGIO  SCALTRITO LUCIANO
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Sustained nanodelivery of therapeutics via oral administration  CAUDA VALENTINA ALICE
Synthesis and testing of biodegradable ionic liquids as CO2 capture systems  LAMBERTI ANDREA
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Tailored structure oxides based electrodes for the detection of paracetamol and glucose  TAGLIAFERRO ALBERTO
Theoretical Study of Ionic Liquids for effective CO2 capture  CICERO GIANCARLO
Theoretical and experimental investigation of innovative catalysts for CO2 reduction  CICERO GIANCARLO