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Design of a vertical axis turbine for use in Africa

keywords WIND ENERGY

Reference persons GIOVANNI BRACCO

External reference persons Roberto Verzino (Sermig)

Research Groups 14-Meccatronica e servosistemi


Description Thesis work concerns the design and construction of a vertical axis turbine with materials and techniques available in Burkina Faso and Guinea Bissau. The main uses concern the production of electricity and the pumping of water in association with other renewable sources, such as photovoltaic energy.

The thesis will address one or more of the following topics:
- evaluation of the extractable power based on the reference sites
- evaluation of the match between production and consumption profiles
- design and construction of the rotor with elements available on site
- design and construction of the generator and of the support electronics
- design and construction of the gearbox and braking system
- experimental tests of the turbine system and subsystems

Required skills Basic knowledge of mechanical design and electric motors
Basic knowledge of using Matlab

Notes Thesis in collaboration with Sermig (https://www.sermig.org/)

Deadline 13/04/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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