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LEAFLET2.0 LightdronE Aerial support For pubLic grEen managemenT - In collaboration with Mavtech @ www.mavtech.eu

azienda Thesis in external company    



External reference persons Ing. Gianluca Ristorto (gianluca.ristorto@mavtech.eu)

Research Groups 08- Dinamica, controllo e simulazione del volo


Description The project idea, (01.03.2023 30.08.2025), was born from the observation of how the continuous and growing adverse climatic events, together with the aging of tree installations in urban areas, determine the need to raise awareness among sector operators on the topic and the related associated risks, which can cause damage to people and things, with consequent civil and criminal liability towards those who have the task of dealing with it. To overcome this, the applicant intends to clearly define what are currently the normal procedures followed for the management of public green areas, considering the contribution that new technologies such as the use of drones, as well as the The use of AI and ML methodologies, which will have to support the analysis of the heterogeneous data acquired (RGB, multispectral, LiDAR). The objective of "Leaflet2.0 is therefore the creation of a methodology and a web application, with the consequent definition of a protocol for the early diagnosis of conditions of vegetative distress and in general the monitoring of the state of health of public green areas, through the use of UAS platforms (Unmanned Aerial System), involving the use of surveys with the methodologies already used based on visual analysis carried out from the ground by professionals in the sector, with the possibility of integrating and optimizing the diagnosis of vegetative distress of tall trees present in the green areas of urban areas with high public attendance. The new methodology will have to guarantee the creation of a complete and effective protocol capable of involving local administrations in the study and definition phases, in particular the bodies responsible for monitoring, care and supervision of urban green areas and in this regard the applicant hopes to be able to involve the green and environmental management office of the Municipality of Merano, evaluating in the near future to also involve other offices dedicated to the management of public green spaces both in local administrations and at a national level.

Required skills Basic knowledge of ROS/ROS2 and Gazebo
Programming skills in C++ (preferred) and Python

Deadline 18/12/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA