Ricerca CERCA


Design, development, and validation of a bioreactor for mimicking the biophysical microenvironment of the periodontal ligament  AUDENINO ALBERTO  MASSAI DIANA NADA CATERINA  28- biomedica
Developing a browser extension for tracking personal data transfers with a gamification-based approach  COPPOLA RICCARDO  VETRO' ANTONIO  DAUIN - GR-16 - SOFTWARE ENGINEERING GROUP - SOFTENG  DAUIN - GR-22 - Nexa Center for Internet & Society - NEXA
Developing experimental testing methods and tools for auditing online software systems for bias and discrimination  COPPOLA RICCARDO  VETRO' ANTONIO  DAUIN - GR-16 - SOFTWARE ENGINEERING GROUP - SOFTENG  DAUIN - GR-22 - Nexa Center for Internet & Society - NEXA
Development of an experimental test bench for the validation of prognostic algorithms for electromechanical actuators  DALLA VEDOVA MATTEO DAVIDE LORENZO  MAGGIORE PAOLO  16-ASTRA: Additive manufacturing for Systems and sTRuctures in Aerospace
azienda TESI AZIENDA Experimental and statistical investigation on the influence of surface defects on hybrid bearing noise  SESANA RAFFAELLA
Experimental characterization and numerical modelling of Textile Reinforced Mortar Composites for structural applications  MONACO ALESSIA  RILEM (www.rilem.net)  RILEM TC290 Durability
Experimental investigation on new coating for the manufacturing of ceramic balls for hybrid bearings  SESANA RAFFAELLA
Experimental tests for the assessment of durability of TRM (Textile reinforced Mortars) for strengthening of masonry structures  MONACO ALESSIA  RILEM (www.rilem.net)  RILEM TC290 Durability
Experimental tests for the characterization of TRM materials (Textile reinforced Mortars) with natural fibers  MONACO ALESSIA  RILEM (www.rilem.net)  RILEM TC290 Durability
Full list of opportunities in: http://www.morenergylab.polito.it/thesis/  GIORGI GIUSEPPE  MOREnergy Lab
High-Efficient Torque Control of Electrical Excited Synchronous Motors  BOJOI IUSTIN RADU  MANDRILE FABIO  RUBINO SANDRO  PEEMD
Large size sandwich panels for structural applications in civil and building engineering  CORRADO MAURO  SCATTINA ALESSANDRO
azienda TESI AZIENDA Low-cost sensors - focus on hydrogen sensors  PAPURELLO DAVIDE  Energy Center Lab
azienda TESI AZIENDA Lumped parameter model and experimental testing for the analysis of the influence of surface defects on ball bearing noise  SESANA RAFFAELLA
azienda TESI AZIENDA Numerical multiphysic model and experimental investigation by means of active thermography for the analysis of thermal and mechanical properties of ceramic and balls for hybrid bearings  SESANA RAFFAELLA
Seismic response of multi-story buildings equipped with friction dampers  MONACO ALESSIA