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Materials for circular economy: Utilization of “fly ash” and “bottom ash” in construction industry

Reference persons MONICA FERRARIS

External reference persons elham.sharifikolouei@polito.it

Research Groups AA - Glasses, Ceramics and Composites


Description The aim of this project is to treat fly ash and bottom ash to reach the inert (safe) structure through vitrification. Then, the treated ashes will be used to prepare insulating ceramics (glass-ceramics) or will be used as a substitute to clinker in cements. This has several benefits; to name a few, it reduces the need for landfill, it enhances the circular economy by bringing the waste to the production cycle, it helps reducing the CO2 emission by reducing the need for clinker production, and it helps preserving natural resources as it is used as a substitute to natural minerals and resources.

The candidate has the option to select between utilization of ash in cement industry, or in the production of insulating ceramic bricks.

See also  2019_05 master thesis proposal eli.docx 

Deadline 21/05/2021      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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