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Who can register for an ielts exam session? 
Every student regularly enrolled at Politecnico can register for the IELTS exam sessions organized by the CLA in collaboration with the association of companies composed of IDP EDUCATION CANADA Lt. and INTERNATIONAL HOUSE srl. You cannot register for these IELTS exam sessions if:
  • you are going to graduate in a Graduation period beginning before your desired IELTS exam date
  • you are attending a Specializing Master’s programme ending before your desired IELTS exam date
  • you are a foreign student enrolled in single courses within the framework of a mobility project
  • the date of your desired IELTS exam is not included in the academic year in which you are currently enrolled
  • a hold has been placed on your academic progress (nota bloccante)
    It is the student's responsibility to decide whether to register for the IELTS exam or not.  
Registration / modification / cancellation 
Your personal page of the Teaching Portal – Languages/Lingue TAB.  
By the deadline of each exam session given in the calendar.
You will receive an email confirming your registration / modification / cancellation in your Polito mailbox. 
PLEASE NOTE: check that you have received the confirmation email (if not your registration may not have been completed successfully). When the registration time frame comes to an end, the registration link will no longer be available and you will not be able to modify or cancel your registration for the exam session.  
Check in the full version of the Tuition Fee Guide for each a.y. if you have to pay for your IELTS registration.
To complete your registration for the IELTS exam, you must provide a scanned copy or a photo of your document that meets the following criteria: 
  • the scanned copy or photo must include the front and back of your ID document in colour, or b/w but with high resolution
  • the document must be intact and clearly legible
  • personal information, photo, signature and expiration date must be clearly visible
  • the document must be valid at least until the day after the test
  • the document must be valid for expatriation
  • a passport is the only document accepted for non-EU citizens
  A driving licence is not accepted under any circumstances.

Please note that if we do not receive a copy of a document which complies with IELTS requirements before the deadlines, your registration is not complete. Therefore, you will not be allowed to sit the test, cancel or transfer your application to a different date. You will also not be eligible for a refund.
For further inquiries, please write to or contact the CLA using the Ticketing support system.
To ask for assistance through the Ticketing  support system, please log in to your personal page, click the Ticket TAB on your task bar and choose the topic “Foreign language learning – English”.
Admission to the exam
The identification document that you used for your registration.
PLEASE NOTE: Personal belongings have to be left outside the exam room. We recommend you do not bring any valuables with you on the day of the exam.   
  • on your registration form you have uploaded an Identification Document different from a passport / Italian ID card. The validity of this document must cover both IELTS exam dates.
  • you have not entered the correct data on your registration form
  • you do not send a scanned copy of your ID document to the examination board, if required to do so
  • you do not bring the identification document used for your registration with you on both IELTS exam dates
  • you show up to the exam in a date/time different from your scheduled slot published on the Teaching Portal - TAB Languages/Lingue
 IMPORTANT:  if you are not admitted to the exam, you will be considered absent without justification. In this case, the IELTS payment policy is applied (Tuition Fee Guide for each a.y.).
Theft - loss of the identification document used for registration
Use the “Modifica/Modify” button to enter your data and to upload a scanned copy of your new ID document (passport / Italian ID card) on your registration form. 
Write an email to as soon as possible and follow their instructions. 
IELTS exam - timetables and rooms publication
Information about IELTS exam timetables and rooms are always published on your personal page of the Teaching Portal –  Languages TAB – on the day indicated on the IELTS exam sessions calendar
You will not receive any individual message into your PoliTo mailbox. 
You will receive an e-mail exclusively if there is any change in the information already published due to unexpected events. 
During the current COVID-19 health crisis, you will get an e-mail with the instructions for your safe access to the exam venues.  
Therefore, we recommend you check your PoliTo mailbox regularly. 
We also suggest that you log in to your personal page of the Teaching Portal using a PC for a better visualization of your Languages TAB. 
Once the timetables and rooms have been published, it is no longer possible to request a change of date/time for the Speaking test.
If you cannot be present at the Speaking test or if you have not shown up and do not justify your absence in the terms described in the paragraph below Justification for absence from exam, you will no longer be able to make up the Speaking test and your absence will be considered unexcused. In this case you will be subject to the rules indicated in the IELTS payment policy (Tuition Fee Guide for each a.y.).
Justification for absence from exam
If you are absent from the exam for health problems, bereavement or due to an accident, you must provide the official documentation that certifies the reason for your absence no later than 4 days after the exam. Please send this documentation to The examination board will evaluate your documentation.
If you don't justify your absence, you will be subject to the rules indicated in the IELTS payment policy (Tuition Fee Guide for each a.y.).