2nd level Specializing Master's Programme in
Climate Change: Adaptation and mitigation solutions (2022 - 2023)
The world is changing rapidly and the ability to anticipate risks and provide effective solutions to face the effects of climate change is more important than ever. The social and economic impacts of climate change have serious consequences on both human beings and the environment, and the need to understand how to mitigate the damages and adapt to them strategically is nowadays a key issue.
The 2nd level Specializing Master programme in Climate Change: adaptation and mitigation solutions proposes a programme aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of the climate change impacts and the innovative technologies that will drive the mitigation and adaptation responses to global warming.
In the 4th edition of the programme young graduates and professionals with a scientific and/or technical background will have the chance to:
  • acquire a full understanding of the dynamics underpinning the ongoing global warming and the decarbonization process in key sectors (e.g. energy, infrastructures and transport, agriculture) and explore how to apply these solutions in real-world situations;
  • profit from a think-tank environment promoting the exchange of ideas and expertise with researchers from top-level universities and top managers from the private sector;
  • gain practical experiences in a well-established network of outstanding companies engaged in production & processing, and service-provision.
The previous editions of the master's programme have been characterized by a strong corporate partnership, including a number of relevant companies as AI EngineeringBuzzi UnicemEnelEYFerrero, Golder, IthacaLavazza, NativaPlanet Smart Cities, RIE- Ricerche Industriali ed Energetiche, RINA servicesSMATSystematicaTernaWaterviewWave for Energy and scientific partners as Enel FoundationElisECMWF and Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (ITT).
(list of partners 2022, constantly updated)
The programme is organized under the auspices of Copernicus Academy.
Deadline: New! November 8th at 2 p.m. (italian time)
Participation fee: € 4000
Format: Full-time residentialInternship: 500 hours 
Language: EnglishNumber of participants: 25
ECTS: 66Coordinator: Prof. Marco Piras (DIATI)
Time schedule: from January to December 2023Campus: Politecnico di Torino