2nd level Specializing Master in
Industrial Automation
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Selection outcomes

Following the selection process carried out by the partner companies, please find below the list of candidates, listed by the user id received by apply@polito, that are admitted to the II level specializing master in Industrial Automation:

COMAU S.p.A.: 
  • F136653
  • F144659 
  • F176131
  • F181076
  • F185655 
  • F185723 
  • F215281
  • F235093 
  • F245740
  • F245834
  • F247077 
  • F247879 
  • F247998 
  • F248093
  • F248096 
  • F248238 
  • F248483 
  • F249592
  • F249654 
  • F249816
  • F253847
  • F253904

  • F135432
  • F181493
  • F211108

Further information about confirmation and enrollment requirements will be sent by e-mail to all admitted candidates.

Politecnico di Torino presented a funding request in the framework of the regional call for proposals aimed at funding training options for apprenticeships (Avviso Pubblico per la realizzazione dei percorsi formativi per: Laurea triennale e magistrale, Diploma Accademico di I e II livello, Master di I e II livello, Dottorato di Ricerca e Diploma Accademico di Formazione alla Ricerca, Attività di Ricerca - in attuazione della D.G.R. n. 37-3617 del 11/07/2016).