Ricerca CERCA

New technical and operative solutions for the use of drones in Agriculture 4.0


Reference persons GIORGIO GUGLIERI

External reference persons Nicoletta Bloise (nicoletta.bloise@polito.it)

Research Groups 08- Dinamica, controllo e simulazione del volo


Description Aim of the project is to develop novel technologies and tools for fostering the introduction of new agricultural operations conducted by unmanned vehicles (UVs), both aerial and ground (UAVs and UGVs). The design process will be driven by Farming 4.0 principles, with particular attention to the scenarios where UVs may represent a favourable alternative to conventional machines. This could be the case of sloped areas, soils with low traction, multi-strata crops, and whenever clear advantages with respect to traditional methods, in terms of higher efficiency in operations, reduced environmental impact or enhanced human health and safety, may be envisaged.
The project will focus on the design of new tools and implements for UVs-assisted operations, such as spraying or shredding, with an innovative approach aimed at exploiting collaborative action of UAVs and UGVs, by sharing essential and valuable information of crop and working environment, such as simplified maps properly derived from big-data analysis.
Results of the research will be relevant for next-future machine design, will stimulate the introduction of new, smart, clean and sustainable practices for farmers, as well as supply strategic scientific data to legislators and Standards designers for defining new regulations.

Required skills Meccanica del volo (ala fissa e rotante). Controlli automatici.

Notes Si richiede media superiore a 27/30 e debito massimo pari a 2-3 esami.

Deadline 07/11/2022      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA