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Artificial Intelligence Applications for Drones Navigation in GPS-Denied Environments


Reference persons GIORGIO GUGLIERI

Research Groups 08- Dinamica, controllo e simulazione del volo


Description The purpose of the project is the investigation of navigation issues connected with urban environments, where the degraded acquisition of GNSS signals and the presence of obstacles may compromise the efficient and safe operations of autonomous systems, aerial and ground vehicles as an example. A robust approach to the problem is mandatory, enabling the vehicle navigation system to handle seamlessly the transition among different conditions (outdoor, GNSS-degraded and GNSS-denied) while guaranteeing a safe motion path with respect to the surrounding environment. The project will implement innovative localization and navigation solutions based on Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence algorithms. The Cloud framework will be employed for multi-source big data off-board storage and computation. Artificial intelligence algorithms will be used to build, update, analyse and process the set of information required for the safe and accurate vehicle localization and navigation. Information will include, among others, GNSS and 4G/LTE/5G signals and their quality, vehicle on-board sensors data and obstacles occupation maps. A bidirectional datalink will allow the vehicle to access and provide in real time the required information. Solutions will be validated with robotic real world experiments.

Required skills Meccanica del volo (ala fissa e rotante). Controlli automatici.

Notes Si richiede media superiore a 27/30 e debito massimo pari a 2-3 esami.

Deadline 07/11/2020      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA