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Biogeography Based Optimization of the cooling system of the mirrors of the Gyrotron for nuclear fusion applications  SAVOLDI LAURA  MAHTEP
CFD analysis of the effects of surface roughness on performances of innovative heat exchangers realized with additive manufacturing processes  SAVOLDI LAURA  MAHTEP
CFD analysis of the effects of surface roughness on the thermal-hydraulic performances of solar receivers  SAVOLDI LAURA  MAHTEP
CFD analysis of the thermal-hydraulic performance of metal foams in the removal of high heat fluxes  SAVOLDI LAURA  MAHTEP
Comparative analysis of several evolutionary algorithm used for the optimization of the cooling system of the Gyrotron cavity for nuclear fusion applications  SAVOLDI LAURA  MAHTEP
Comparative analysis of the performances of an innovative heat exchanger manufactured with traditional and additive manufacturing processes  SAVOLDI LAURA  MAHTEP
Design of a optimal cooling configuration of azimuthal mini-channels for the Gyrotron cavity  SAVOLDI LAURA  MAHTEP
Development and optimization of a novel internal fin system for CSP tubular receivers  SAVOLDI LAURA  MAHTEP
azienda TESI AZIENDA High heat transfer efficiency at DENSO Thermal Systems  ASINARI PIETRO  Multi-Scale Modeling Laboratory SMaLL (www.polito.it/small)
Innovative surface coatings for high heat transfer efficiency  ASINARI PIETRO  Multi-Scale Modeling Laboratory SMaLL (www.polito.it/small)
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Mass and heat transfer in nanoconstructs for energy and biomedical applications  ASINARI PIETRO  Multi-Scale Modeling Laboratory SMaLL (www.polito.it/small)
Modellazione matematica del processo di spray freeze-drying di farmaci  BOCCARDO GIANLUCA  PISANO ROBERTO  AA - MOLE (Molecular Engineering Lab)
Modelling of heat transfer enhancement through TPMS realized by AM  SAVOLDI LAURA  MAHTEP
Numerical investigation of air injection in tubular CSP absorbers  SAVOLDI LAURA  MAHTEP
Numerical modelling of an enhanced solar parabolic trough collector using a novel turbulence promoter  SAVOLDI LAURA  MAHTEP

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