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Disciplinary Board

About the Disciplinary Board

The Disciplinary Board has been established in accordance with the Student Regulations of Politecnico Torino. Its objective is to examine and sanction the behavior of students who infringe the law, the University Statute and Regulations and the rules of civic coexistence; furthermore, the Board is competent for examining the cases of students who are found guilty to have damaged university property or third party assets, even if temporarily present in the university.

Students are required to engage in behaviour that is respectful of the personal integrity and dignity of others, as well as of the decorum of the premises where teaching and research are held. Students are also required to refrain from any conduct that may be detrimental to the image and respectability of the University as an Institution, even outside university premises. Should these facts be recognized as related to students and therefore damage the University's respectability and honour, the Disciplinary Board will examine the cases of violations of the above mentioned rule; it will decide whether to impose a sanction on the students involved and up to what extent.

The Disciplinary Board is composed of 4 members, 3 of which are faculty members and one is a student representative participating in the Governing Bodies of the University (the student representative must be enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme if the case involves students of these levels, or he/she must be enrolled in a Ph.D. programme for cases involving Ph.D. candidates and students of the Specializing Masters School and Graduate School).