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Location: Torino - Class: ARCHITECTURE (L-17)
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Anticipation of courses from Master's degree programmes
If you are enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree programme in “Architecture” at Politecnico di Torino, and you are going to graduate after the September graduation period, you can anticipate first-semester courses belonging to the first year of the following Master’s degree programmes:

  • Architecture Construction and City
  • Architecture for Sustainable Design
  • Architecture for Heritage preservation and enhancement  

This is possible  only if you meet the necessary requirements.
In order to learn about the rules and the procedures  for the anticipation of Master’s courses, please refer to this section, available on the Master’s degree programmes Portal:  Regole di accesso - Candidati del Politecnico di Torino - Anticipo insegnamenti studenti del Politecnico (Access rules – prospective students at Politecnico di Torino – Anticipation of courses for Politecnico’s students) 

In order to anticipate courses belonging to a Master’s degree programme, follow these enrolment procedures:


  • When you define your Annual Personal Study Plan you need to insert the Bachelor’s courses with pending exam  and  first-semester courses of the first year of the Master’s degree.        
  • If you get your Bachelor’s degree by February, you will be able to enrol in the Master’s degree programme. You will pay only the cost of the revenue stamp and you will be able to add to your APSP second-semester courses, bearing in mind that you need to stick to the limit of 80 credits per academic year.  

  • You need to stick to the above mentioned restrictions and insert in your overall Annual Personal Study Plan a total of 40 credits.  If you get your Bachelor’s degree by February, you will be able to enrol part-time in the Master’s degree programme. In this case you will define a new APSP, following the rules for part-time enrolment.
  • You will have to pay the cost of those credits and the revenue stamp.    

You can insert  into your Bachelor’s APSP the courses you intend to anticipate, logging into your personal page of the Teaching Portal  -Segreteria on-line , under the section “Compila il piano carriera - carico didattico"/”Fill in the PSP/APSP”.  After the exams taken in the September session have been registered, if you do not meet the requirements, anticipated exams will be automatically cancelled from your APSP.
Anticipated exams do not count towards the calculation of the average grade and the total number of credits needed to obtain the Bachelor’s degree. In any case, when you subsequently enrol  in the Master’s degree programme, you will be recognized those exams and the corresponding attendance. 

 Procedure:           ·        
  • You can submit the application for admission to the Master’s degree programme (from the personal page of the Teaching Portal, under the “Apply” section), only if you have obtained at least 140 credits in your Bachelor’s, within the deadline published in the Portal for  Lauree Magistrali and in the Academic calendar.
  • the outcome of the evaluation can be seen on the “Apply” page, under the “Evaluation” section.
  •  If you have been admitted,  you can define your Annual Personal Study Plan (log into your personal page of the Teaching Portal and select “Compila il piano carriera – carico didattico”/ Fill in your PSP-APSP) . The APSP shall be defined within the deadline indicated in the Academic calendar.
  • You will visualize the Master’s courses to which you have been admitted in the upper window (moduli inseribili). You need to drag and drop them in the lower window (carico didattico).
  • Confirm the operation in order to complete your APSP.    
Please note that you can insert anticipated courses in your Bachelor’s APSP only AFTER you have received a positive response to your admission application on “Apply”.