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Location: Torino - Class: COMPUTER SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (LM-32)
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Organization of Politecnico di Torino
Politecnico di Torino is a public university having legal personality. Its primary objectives are the enhancement of higher education and high-level training, the organization of scientific research and the dissemination of its results. While pursuing its goals, Politecnico contributes to the cultural and economic development of our country. The organization and activities of Politecnico are shaped in accordance with its Statute and Regulations.     

In compliance with the Statute, the Governing bodies of Politecnico set the objectives and programmes that have to be implemented; moreover they assess whether the results are in line with the directions provided. The tasks related to the organization and management of the activities are carried out by Departments and Schools, research and administration units.  Some Governing bodies have specific roles that have an impact on the life of the student community:
  • the RECTOR represents Politecnico for all legal purposes and “is the guarantor of the freedom of teaching and research, freedom of study and the rights of all employees and students”. The current Rector, whose mandate lasts 6 years, is Marco GILLI, who will remain in office until 15th March 2018.
  • the ACDEMIC SENATE “coordinates and connects the teaching and research entities…” (article. 11, section  2,e of the Statute)
  • the BOARD OF GOVERNORS (BoD) “is in charge of strategic direction, it operates in accordance with the principle of financial sustainability of the activities of the University…” (art.12, section 1 of the Statute). The BoD “decides on the creation, modification and cancellation of study courses, campuses, departments and other teaching and research entities, upon mandatory opinion of the Academic Senate “ (art. 12, section 2.c)”      

“A Joint Committee on Teaching (Comitato Paritetico per la Didattica - CPD) has been established to cooperate for the improvement of the services provided to students by Departments and other divisions operating in the field of the right to education”  (art. 23 of the Statute).
The Joint Committee on Teaching monitors the course catalogue, the quality and organization of teaching activities, the services for students and for the right to education. Student questionnaires serve as a tool for such monitoring function. Further information is available at:

In accordance with Law No. 240/2010, Politecnico has given itself a new internal structure: the organization and management of the teaching activities have been entrusted to its Departments and “Collegi” of the degree programmes to which Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes are connected.
Moreover, the Departments are in charge with the organization and coordination of research activities.
The Administration is organized in Divisions, Services, Offices and Units, whose managers report to the Rector and the Director-General.   Within the meaning of art. 19 of the Statute, the Director-General is responsible for the overall management and organization of services, facilities and technical and administrative staff of the University,  in accordance with the guidelines received by the Board of Directors. The Director-General is also in charge of the tasks referred to in article 16 of Legislative Decree no. 165/2001 and subsequent amendments.