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Student representatives
In compliance with the University Statute and Regulations, the Governing bodies encompass the participation of student representatives. Student representatives are the easiest and most effective link that allows the student body to raise issues and make proposals to the University. They play a fundamental role to empower and involve students in the life of Politecnico, through active participation in the decision-making process on core issues, such as the course catalogue, the teaching and research activities and the services offered to students. In the past, the commitment of student representatives has led to the achievement of positive results. This should provide a strong stimulus for students to believe in and raise their own ideas, trusting the capability of student representatives to drive change within the University Governing bodies.  

Student representatives are elected every two years.  

As prescribed by the Statute, students participate, through their representatives, in the activities of the following bodies:  

  • Board of Governors – 2 representatives
  • Academic Senate – 5 representatives (out of which, 1 enrolled in a PhD programme)
  • Joint Committee on Teaching – 11 representatives  
Moreover, elected student representatives participate in the activities of the Department Councils and the Collegi of the degree programmes.  

In addition, Politecnico’s students are entitled to elect one representative within the E.Di.S.U Board of Goversons (Ente per il Diritto allo Studio) of Regione Piemonte. The Board of Governos is also composed of one student representative from Università di Torino and one from Università del Piemonte Orientale [Regulations are currently being modified by Regione Piemonte].
Lastly, Politecnico’s students have the right to elect two representatives within the Council of Comitato Universitario dello Sport di Torino (CUS Torino).  

If you wish to contact the student representatives, you can find their e-mails on the webpage dedicated to the Governing bodies of Politecnico: