2nd level Specializing Master in
Space exploration and development systems
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Career opportunities
SEEDS looks at the major European Space Agencies and Companies involved in Human and Robotic Exploration projects, such as the European Space Agency (ESA), the Italian (ASI), the French (CNES), the British (UKSA) and the other national Agencies, the main European companies active in the space sector and other establishments. These organizations are strongly interested in the SEEDS initiative, since its main focus lies in the training of engineering resources oriented to the specific exploration system products, prepared to work in an international context and trained on the job by using modern and company oriented systems engineering methodologies.

It is expected that the students successfully completing the SEEDS courses and associated Project Works will be employed by the partner organizations at the proper level in their engineering teams working on the space exploration projects. 
The employment rates of the graduates from the first five SEEDS editions confirm these expectations: 50 out of 54 graduates from the 2005/06 edition to the 2009/2010 are presently working on space activities in Europe (the remaining 4 are working in other industrial branches). About 90% of the students have been employed in aerospace industries and space agencies just few months after the end of SEEDS. This stunning result testifies the success of SEEDS initiative. The remaining 10% of the SEEDS students have been employed in other fields or have applied at universities for a PhD position, sponsored by aerospace industries. 
Eventually, it is worth mentioning that contacts between space companies and students of the present 2015/16 SEEDS edition have already started.