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Keyword: MATLAB

Attitude Determination and Control strategies of a small satellite for the observation of a collaborative target  STESINA FABRIZIO  22-Progetto e sviluppo di sistemi e tecnologie aerospaziali
Design and development of a high-fidelity numerical model of an electromechanical actuator with sinusoidal DC motor (PMSM) based on Simscape.  DALLA VEDOVA MATTEO DAVIDE LORENZO  MAGGIORE PAOLO  16-ASTRA: Additive manufacturing for Systems and sTRuctures in Aerospace
Design of an embedded system for the real time monitoring of the healthy status of power electronic devices based on machine learning tools  MANFREDI PAOLO  STIEVANO IGOR SIMONE  TRINCHERO RICCARDO  EMC Group (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
azienda TESI AZIENDA Design of control systems for vehicle Dry Dual Clutch Transmission systems (DDCT)  CANALE MASSIMO
FEM 3D simulation of an axial flux motor  FERRARIS LUCA
Implementation of a consitutuve model simulating axial force / shear and axial force / moment interaction in OpenSees enviroment  DI TRAPANI FABIO
Innovative monitoring using shape sensing on reinforced concrete structures  GHERLONE MARCO  TONDOLO FRANCESCO
Modeling and characterization of energy efficient lights and devices  CANAVERO FLAVIO  STIEVANO IGOR SIMONE  EMC Group (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
Modelling of an optical fiber amplifier for remote sensing  JANNER DAVIDE LUCA  MILANESE DANIEL  AA - Glasses, Ceramics and Composites
Speech Rate Recognition @Centro Ricerche e Innovazione Tecnologica RAI  PRINETTO PAOLO ERNESTO  TESTGROUP - TESTGROUP
Study of the safety strategies for the Rendezvous and Docking operations of a small satellite with a target vehicles  STESINA FABRIZIO  22-Progetto e sviluppo di sistemi e tecnologie aerospaziali
Worst-case optimization applied to point-to-point digital communication and signal and power integrity in wearable electronics  STIEVANO IGOR SIMONE  TRINCHERO RICCARDO  EMC Group (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

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