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Location: Torino - Class: INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING (L-9)
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Degree certificates and Professional license diplomas

I If you haven’t collected your original degree certificate yet, you can:

  • go to the Office of the University Registrar (ground floor, Cittadella Politecnica) with your identification document. The Office will instantly issue the degree certificate (opening times: from Monday to Friday: 8.30-12.00)
  • authorize a trusted person to go on your behalf. This person person will have to show to the Office of the University Registrar the following: a copy of your identification document, an authorization letter (produced on non-stamped paper) and his/her own identification document;
  • ask the University to send you the degree certificate by post: in this case you have to fill in the Original Certificate(s) Shipping Request Form and return it to us, together with the attachments listed in the form.


In order to collect your Professional license diploma, please refer to the section "Esame di Stato"/"State Examination for professional practice".

Duplication request for Degree certificates and Professional license diplomas

You can get a duplicate Degree certificate or a duplicate Professional license diploma, in the following cases.

  • loss/theft
  • damage

In the first case, you need to submit a signed self-certification in which you declare that the certificate/diploma was lost or stolen, and you request a duplicate certificate/diploma.
In the second case, on top of the above mentioned declaration, you need to return the damaged certificate/diploma to the Office of the University Registrar.  

In both cases, you need to:

  • pay 100,00 Euro at the office counters with debit or credit card, or attach a copy of the bank transfer receipt addressed to:
Politecnico di Torino - presso Unicredit Banca S.p.A.  
Via d'Ovidio, 5 - 10129 - Torino (TO) Italy 
IBAN: IT 51 N 02008 01160 000002551101 
SWIFT/BIC: UNCRITM1AG0 (the last digiti s a zero)
Payment description: richiesta duplicato attestato  

  • Attach a copy of your identification document and provide a telephone number and an e-mail address, so we can get back to you as soon as the duplicate certificate is ready. These documents can be sent by post (Politecnico di Torino – Area Gestione Didattica – Segreteria Generale – Castelfidardo, 39 – 10129 Torino) or turned in at the counters of the Office of the University Registrar (from Monday to Friday: 8.30-12.00).
If you want the duplicate certificate/diploma to be sent to you by post, you also need to fill in the “Original Cerificate(s) Shipping Request Form”/ “Degree certificate shipping request form”. In this case you can make a signle bank transfer including the cost of the revenue stamp for the request form (16,00 Euro) and the shipping costs (15,00 Euro).