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Location: Torino - Class: INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING (L-9)
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Entering the world of work

The Office of Career Services (internships and placements) offers a number of services to help you enter the world of work: job offers in Italy and abroad, company presentations at the University, career days, professional orientation, career counseling, etc.  

Online Curriculum Vitae/resume
If you access your personal page of the Teaching Portal (with your user name and password), you can fill in your Curriculum Vitae: you can add  information on your academic career (fields have been pre-arranged by Politecnico), your professional experience, foreign languages, computer skills, hobbies and other useful information for entering the world of work.  After completing your online CV, you can use it to apply for internships or job vacancies available on your personal page (use the “stage” button or “job” button on the upper part of the page). If you authorize the use of your personal data, your CV will become visible to employers for job opportunities.      


AlmaLaurea is an interuniversity consortium supported by the Ministry of Education, University and Research. Its objective is to connect graduates and companies and it is the focal point for those (scholars, workers, etc.) who deal with university, employment and youth at various levels.
Politecnico and AlmaLaurea  invite all graduates to fill out an online questionnaire, with a twofold objective:  
  • collect students’ opinions on the university career they are about to complete, in order to monitor the courses of study and analyse the features and performances of graduates, with an eye to improving the university course catalogue. The results of this research activity are available on the AlmaLaurea website, in the area dedicated to universities;
  • obtain the necessary information for the drafting of the Curriculum Vitae, in order to help students enter the world of work; moreover, if they want to take advantage of this opportunity, AlmaLaurea will make their data available to companies that might request them.   
Before you  register for the Final Examination, you must fill out the AlmaLaurea questionnaire  for the collection of statistical data.
On the contrary, you are free to decide whether to make your Curriculum Vitae visible in the AlmaLaurea database: in the last page of the questionnaire you will be asked if you  want to make your CV available to employers who could be interested in your profile, in order to approach the word of work and gain professional experience.
If you  do not want to use the AlmaLaurea services, you just need to mark it while filling in the online questionnaire.  

As a BACHELOR’S GRADUAND you must access the AlmaLaurea web site, under the “REGISTRAZIONE”/”REGISTRATION” section
Following the instruction for registration provided by AlmaLaurea (by inserting personal details and information on the degree programme), you  will get your access credentials to fill out the questionnaire and choose whether to authorize the publication of your personal data or not.     

At the end of the procedure your data will be immediately visible to those who request them . After graduation, Politecnico will send AlmaLaurea the names of all graduates and certify the university information contained in the curricula.

For further information or inquiries about the AlmaLaurea service, please contact  the Office of Career  Services:
Corso Castelfidardo, 39:
Opening times: Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30 to 12.30 
Telephone: (from 14.00 to 16.00 Tuesday and Thursday)