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Location: Torino - Class: INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING (L-9)
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Registering for the Final Examination
Testo Before registering for the Final Examination, you need to fill out the online Almalaurea questionnaire, available on: (you do not need to print any receipt since Politecnico is automatically informed when you complete your questionnaire).

In order to register for a Graduation period, you are required to submit the online registration application within the deadlines illustrated in the academic calendar. Your registration is considered finalized after you pay the amount indicated by the system at the end of the procedure (this amount includes the cost of the revenue stamps and other possible outstanding debts that you might have with Politecnico).

How to register for the Final Examination: 
  • log into your personal page of the Teaching Portal – Segreteria online - Final Examination Registration;
  • duly fill in all fields;
  • pay the amount indicated by the system at the end of the procedure (this amount includes the outstanding debts that you might have with Politecnico)
Further information on payment methods are available in the Tuition Fee Guide a.y. 2017/18.
At the end of the registration for the Final Examination, you will receive a confirmation e-mail into your institutional mailbox.

If something is wrong (for instance, if some exams have not been registered yet), you will still be able to submit your application for the Final Examination registration within the deadlines for every Graduation period ( “Domanda con riserva”/“Provisional Application”). Once the anomalies are solved, the provisional condition will be lifted and the Office of Student Services will automatically register your name for the Final Examination. You will receive a confirmation message.  Otherwise, the registration will be automatically cancelled.  
You cannot register for the Final Examination if you have not obtained the English language certificate.

In addition to this, the system will generate a file containing the same information.

The date and place where the Final Examination and the Graduation Ceremony take place are published on the Bacheca Avvisi/ Notice Board of your degree programme, available on your personal page of the Teaching Portal.  

The degree certificate will be conferred during the Graduation Ceremony.

Any absence due to justified reasons must be communicated to the Secretariat of the Collegio of your degree programme that will inform the Chairman of the Graduation Committeee.
The Chairman of the Committee is required to confer the degree even in absentia of the candidate. In this case, you can authorize a trusted person to collect your degree certificate on your behalf  during the Graduation Ceremony (this person must carry an authorization letter/proxy and a photocopy of your identification document).  

After the Graduation Ceremony you will be able to collect your degree certificate in person or authorize a trusted person to collect it on your behalf at the Office of the University Registrar and Development of New Services for Students during opening hours; alternatively, you can ask the University to send you the degree certificate by post following the instructions provided under the section dedicated to Degree certificates and Professional license diplomas