Specializing Master's Programmes
and Lifelong Learning
Internship, recruitment and placement
As a general rule, the internship is an integral part of a 1st and 2nd level Specializing Masters Programme; its duration is variable and it can carry from 10 to 30 academic credits (ECTS).
The School accords great importance to this building block within the Specializing Masters Programme and it cooperates with the Office of Career Services of Politecnico di Torino, which is in charge of internships, placement and professional orientation.
Private companies interested in hosting a student from a Specializing Masters Programme as an intern within their premises (curricular internship) can follow the instructions available at: http://stagejob.polito.it/aziende/attivare_un_tirocinio.
A platform is also made available to companies in need of high level professionals, where they can publish their job offers in a targeted manner.