Specializing Master's Programmes
and Lifelong Learning
The Specializing Masters Programmes: an overview
The Specializing Masters Programmes offered by Politecnico di Torino are postgraduate training courses designed to blend scientific rigor and innovative competences with the requirements of the socio-economic context, providing a global vision over the world of work.
The Specializing Masters Programmes combine high level theoretical knowledge with practical classes, case studies, laboratories, company visits, lectures delivered by external experts, workshops and practical application, through internships and company project works.
The Specializing Masters Programmes are intended both for recent graduates (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees) wishing to specialize and gain new skills for the world of work, and for professionals and managers willing to boost their competences in order to advance their professional career.
The vocation for technology innovation is the founding principle of our training programmes. Moreover, the high value of our courses is ensured by the close contact between our students and the leading players of the research sector of Politecnico.