Specializing Master's Programmes
and Lifelong Learning
International students
Politecnico di Torino is a multicultural university campus, which puts the internationalization process at the heart of its strategies: 50% of its students come from outside Piemonte, and, out of these, 16% are international students from over 120 countries.  The University boasts over 500 mobility agreements and delivers 30% of its courses in English.

The School takes into great account the selection of students, as well as the quality and the multicultural class composition of its programmes. In the last 3 academic years, 40% of the participants in the Specializing Masters Programmes were foreign students. Most of them come from non-EU countries such as India, Pakistan, the Middle East, Nigeria, China and Vietnam.
You can find out about admission requirements and specific documentation for international students on the website of each Specializing Masters Programme. Politecnico di Torino will assess if you are eligible for the selection on the basis of the following documents:
  • Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree certificate, including the final grade and the full list of the exams you have taken and the corresponding grades.
  • Language knowledge (check this information on the “how to apply” webpage of each Specializing Masters Programme)
  • Curriculum vitae
All documents can be submitted in Italian or in English. All documents must be uploaded to the online Application Form (apply@polito) within the deadline indicated in the website of each Specializing Masters Programme.
If you are admitted to the programme and you hold a degree from a foreign university, you shall submit to Politecnico di Torino the so called “Dichiarazione di Valore” (statement of validity of your degree), issued by the Italian Diplomatic Mission in the country where the qualification was awarded.
If your degree was conferred by a European university, you can submit the “Diploma Supplement” instead of the “Dichiarazione di Valore”.
In order to study at Politecnico, you need to get the Italy Visa for Study Purposes from the Italian Embassy of your country of residence. To this end, the Office of Specializing Masters Programmes and Lifelong Learning needs to send a copy of your invitation letter to the Italian Mission (embassy or consulate) that you will contact for visa application. Therefore, when you are admitted to a Specializing Masters Programme, you are required to confirm your participation in the programme and inform our Office (master.universitari@polito.it) about the e-mail address of the embassy/consulate Visa Office you intend to contact.

If you hold a degree awarded by a foreign university, as a general rule, you will have to turn in the following original documents to the Office of Specializing Masters Programmes and Lifelong Learning:
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree certificate, specifying the final grade and containing the full list of all the exams you have passed and the corresponding grades.
  • Certification of knowledge of the English or Italian language (if required in the “How to apply” webpage of each Specializing Masters Programme)
  • “Dichiarazione di valore” (statement of validity) of your qualification, or “Diploma Supplement” (for degrees awarded in European countries)
Our University offers the support of cultural mediators who will assist you while filling in the application for the residence permit. In fact, in accordance with Italian Law, non-EU citizens wishing to stay in Italy for more than three months, need to apply for a residence permit, within 8 days from their entrance date in Italy.

You must turn in your residence permit application form at any post office provided with the so called “Sportello Amico”. In order to collect the “kit” for the residence permit application and to get assistance for filling in the application itself, you need to contact the International Affairs Area, where you can find cultural mediators who will help you.
The Office of Specializing Masters Programmes and Lifelong Learning organizes a welcome orientation meeting for all foreign students, before classes begin. During this meeting we will give you all the practical information for your stay in Torino. Further details on the welcome orientation meeting will be provided only to those students who are admitted to the programmes.