2nd level Specializing Master's Programme in
Manufacturing 4.0 (2017 - 2018)
At a glance
Industry 4.0, considered as the fourth industrial revolution, is a term to describe a world in which machines interact and respond intelligently to the physical environment. It is the next phase in the digitization of the manufacturing sector and will have a deep impact on four main clusters of technologies:
  • data, computational power, and connectivity (big data, the Internet of Things IoT, and cloud technology);
  • analytics and intelligence (digitization and automation of knowledge work, advanced analytics);
  • human-machine interaction (touch interfaces, virtual and augmented reality);
  • digital-to-physical conversion ( additive manufacturing i.e. 3D printing, advanced robotics e.g.human-robot collaboration, energy storage and harvesting, Machine-to-Machine)
The partner’s companies, deeply involved in the Italian Industry 4.0, require young, highly motivated recent graduates in engineering that, through this 2nd level Specializing Master’s programme, will become highly skilled engineers in the techniques of manufacturing engineering and its related technologies.
The Manufacturing 4.0 programme will provide effective careers for managers who can meet challenges in a rapidly changing global manufacturing industry with particular attention on technical as well as organizational and managerial skills.
A project proposal for this 2nd level Specializing Master’s programme will be submitted for funding to Regione Piemonte in the framework of a specific regional call for proposals  (Avviso Pubblico per la realizzazione dei percorsi formativi per: Laurea triennale e magistrale, Diploma Accademico di I e II livello, Master di I e II livello, Dottorato di Ricerca e Diploma Accademico di Formazione alla Ricerca, Attività di Ricerca - in attuazione della D.G.R. n. 37-3617 del 11/07/2016).
In accordance with the above mentioned call for proposals, selected candidates will be hired by the partner companies and upon completion of the programme they will attain a 2nd level Specializing Master’s diploma. 
At a glance
Deadline: March 23rd, 2018 11:59 a.m. (Italian time)
Campus: Politecnico - Lingotto
Language: English
Coordinator: Prof. Luca Iuliano
Time schedule: From April 2018 to March 2020
Number of participants: 19
ECTS (European credit transfer system): 73
Partner Companies:
Period: 2 years
The application period is open from January 22nd to March 23rd, however the selection process is carried out continuously. The partner companies will contact the applicants who satisfy their internal selection criteria during the entire application period.