(students with a foreign qualification)
Application Deadlines for EU applicants and for Non-EU applicants living in Italy
A.y. 2020/21
2nd Term
4th Call1
NOVEMBER 9th, 2020MARCH 1ST, 2021MARCH 18TH, 2021
ONLY for:
  • all Engineering MS programs
  • MS in Systemic Design
  • MS in Territorial, urban, environmental and landscape planning
A.y. 2021/22
1st Term
1st Call
DECEMBER 23rd, 2020
FEBRUARY 2nd, 2021
at 2 p.m Italy Time: Central European Time (CET)
APRIL 2nd, 2021 
A.y. 2021/22
1st Term
2nd Call
MARCH 12th, 2021
APRIL 8th, 20211
at 2 p.m Italy Time: Central European Time (CET)*
JUNE 4th, 2021 
1 Contact us through Ticketing if you are interested in applying for this call
If you are a NON-EU citizen not living in Italy please refer to these deadlines